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METAL SOLUTIONS offers sheet metal machinery to make all types of architectural and roofing parts; from panels to trim components. We have metal working equipment to process flat stock and coil stock.

Your flat stack can be CUT with a variety of shears; manual or powered with air, hydraulic or electric/mechanical. 

AT METAL SOLUTIONS, we have quality bending machines for sale. We offer two types of equipment to BEND your trim components: Hand Brakes and CNC Folders. 

Hand Brake models include straight and box & pan tooling.

CNC Folders are available from 10’ to 40’ and BEND one direction or two directions. The controllers for these machines allow you to quickly train operators to make high quality parts every time. 

ROLLFORMERS are available to make roof and wall panels with industry standard profiles or custom profiles. 

COIL PROCESSING is very efficient with the right machinery. We have the equipment to De-Coil, Re-Coil and Slit & Cut to Length.


SHEARS are available to cut thin gauge to ¾� sheet metal. The range of options for this equipment is huge.

PRESS BRAKES can be installed as single, tandem, trio or quad. The specifications include: 3-14 axis; 66-4000 tons; 6’-30’ lengths. The design features and options are extensive.

CNC FOLDERS provide another way to bend sheet metal. We can help you select the best solution. This group of bending equipment contains heavy duty machines that are sturdy, all-welded steel construction, and boast a wide range of features.

PLATE ROLLS If you need Plate Rolls, we need to talk. We have small, medium, large and super large Plate Rolls with 2, 3, and 4 rolls.

ANGLE & TUBE ROLLS We have SOLUTIONS to bend angles and tubes in all sizes and shapes and we like challenges.

FINISH & FORM PARTS We have many ways to finish sheet metal parts; not just sand or grind them. We can, also, form corners to eliminate welding and grinding.

NOTCHERS & IRON WORKERS We have many SOLUTIONS for Bending, Notching and Punching.

SAWS We can recommend Saws of all types and sizes.


HAND AND POWER TOOLS to satisfy all your HVAC equipment requirements.

For the leading metal equipment and other machinery fabrication products, call METAL SOLUTIONS today!

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