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We Maintain Our Independence
to Maintain Our Integrity
At METAL SOLUTIONS we are process focused and think like a consultant, not a machine salesman. We are very customer centric, customer service very seriously and take great pride in finding the best metal working equipment to satisfy your needs.

The president of METAL SOLUTIONS has over 30 years experience in objectively analyzing business and manufacturing processes. We understand the “best� products and “superior� customer service will be too expensive if the proper solutions are not implemented.

We take great pride in the quality of the machinery fabrication products we offer. Following are some of the major names:
  • AMS Controls
  • Carell Corporation
  • CIDAN Machinery
  • Eagle Bending Machines
  • EdgeMaster
  • Ercolina
  • Ernst
  • Euromac
  • FAB Supply
  • FICEP Corporation
  • Flagler Corporation
  • Forstner
  • Gary Machinery
  • Hypertherm
  • JMT
  • Kalamazoo Machine Tool
  • Kuhlmeyer
  • MultiCam
  • National Sheet Metal Machines
  • New Tech Machinery
  • Pedrick
  • Petersen Machinery
  • RAMS Sheet Metal Equipment
  • Rollformer Corp
  • Swenson Shear
  • Thalmann
  • Tre C
  • YLM

For more information about our bending machines for sale, call METAL SOLUTIONS today. Let our friendly representatives meet your needs as you get the service and products you deserve!

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